Rainbow Puff Quilt

So, I followed the instructions for Puff Quits from Honeybear Lane and I found the instructions very comprehensive.

I have completed my first (but likely not my last) Puff Quilt.  This quilt is very well padded and perfect as a baby play rug or a cat bed (which is what it’s currently being used as, without my consent).  This quilt embodies my love of rainbows and I’m happy just looking at it.  Plus, it was a great way to use up fat quarters of fabric I had lying around.

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Quilting Purses

So, I’m taking some interludes away from quilts to make some smaller projects, such as purses and pouches.

I got the fabric for this purse for $5 for 3 yards at the Scrap Exchange.  I completed it with two inside pockets and a magnetic clasp:

More purses and pouches below the cut:

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Left Over Scrap Mini-Quilt

After tackling the behemoth that was a queen sized quilt, I decided to pursue a smaller project for awhile.  So, using leftover fabric from Lee’s quilt, I made a mini-quilt, practicing on using triangles in my patchwork quilting, as this isn’t an area I have much experience.

Front, back, and binding:

The Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt

So, the final quilt of our little fabric shopping excursion was Lee Ann’s.  Lee wanted a quilt to cover her queen size bed.  I had never done a quilt quite so big, but I think it came out fantastic and Lee loves it!  The biggest challenge was just manipulating the quilt as it got bigger.

Front, back, and border

Father-in-Law Quilt

So, on the fabric hunting expedition with my girlfriends, I decided to make a quilt for my father-in-law as well.  My husband had also come along on this trip and was a huge help.  Even though we disagreed on the border for this quilt, I think we both agreed when it was done that it came out quite well.  My FIL lives in a historic home and a lot of his furniture are in earth tones.

Front, back, and border:

A Quilt for a Mommy-to-be

So, as a baby gift to one friend and a birthday gift to another, I volunteered to make quilts for them.  So, the three of us went out for lunch followed by an afternoon of fabric shopping.  We had the best time and I love the fabric we picked out.

For the Mom-to-be, she pretty quickly decided that she didn’t want a baby quilt, exactly.  She wasn’t interested in pastels or blue-greens for her little boy.  Instead, she wanted a quilt more for her to use while caring for the baby.  So, she instead picked out colors in rich, gorgeous earth tones.  I used the Quick Step quilt pattern like I used before on the orange quilt.  Here are the results.

Front and Back:

Forgive the grumpy-faced husband, it was cold and I wanted natural light.

A Return to Quilting

I’ve recently taken up quilting again.  About 8 years ago, I’d learned a Quick Step quilt technique that resulted in a quilt for my best friend’s wedding that I loved:

I loved it so much, I bought more fabric to make one for myself – a nice grey blue and off white flannel pallet.  However, in cutting out my strips, I screwed up and cut up one of the fabrics into the wrong sizes, making it useless for this quilt.  In frustration, I’d put the fabric in a drawer for “later.”  Later is now, 8 years later, when the prospect of a flannel quilt is too good to pass up.

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Resin: Dried Flowers and Geometric Patterns



Spirograph Necklace Tutorial

So, here’s the tutorial on how to make the Swirl Spirograph Plastic Canvas Necklace, such as:

Now, this is my first ever tutorial, so please forgive me if I’m too pedantic or if I’ve confused you.  I’m happy to answer any and all questions.  If it sounds like I’m talking down to you, I promise, I’m just going for clarity and I don’t think you’re an idiot. Also, all pictures are linked to larger versions of the images, so if you need a closer look, just click on the picture.

Full tutorial is below cut.

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Stitching: Spirograph Necklaces

So, I’ve always loved spirographs.  When I happened upon circular-shaped plastic canvas at a scrap store, I was excited to see if I could execute a spirograph-style embroidery necklace with them.  I think I succeeded: