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Spirograph Necklace Tutorial

So, here’s the tutorial on how to make the Swirl Spirograph Plastic Canvas Necklace, such as:

Now, this is my first ever tutorial, so please forgive me if I’m too pedantic or if I’ve confused you.  I’m happy to answer any and all questions.  If it sounds like I’m talking down to you, I promise, I’m just going for clarity and I don’t think you’re an idiot. Also, all pictures are linked to larger versions of the images, so if you need a closer look, just click on the picture.

Full tutorial is below cut.

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Stitching: Spirograph Necklaces

So, I’ve always loved spirographs.  When I happened upon circular-shaped plastic canvas at a scrap store, I was excited to see if I could execute a spirograph-style embroidery necklace with them.  I think I succeeded:

Stitching: Plastic Canvas & Video Games

So, I had been interested in some cross stitch lately, mostly in the interest of doing a very large, classic video game related piece.  However, after a couple of attempts, I found out I don’t much care for cross stitching on the traditional Aida or linen cloth.  Following a post regarding cross stitch style necklaces made on plastic canvas, this has become my new medium of choice.

My first project was a 6 sided cube, each side a different color and pattern:

Next, it was on to simple patterned pendants:

Next, it was on to video game inspired pieces (Mario and Tetris):

And finally, my crowning glory, my large sized Bub and Bob (of Bubble Bobble and Bust a’ Move fame):