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New Resin – Now with Screams and Punctuation!







Resin: Dried Flowers and Geometric Patterns



Resin: Video Games, Vampires and iPhones

So, every once in awhile I toy around with something that might be a niche market.  This was one of those days, as I made video game, vampire, and iPhone inspired resin pieces.

Resin: Stars and Ink Blots (ie, an excuse to play with glow in the dark powder)

Loving the new glow in the dark resin powder I picked up from Resin Obsession. I’ve been using it to make star and inkblot pendants.

Resin: Flowers and Snowflakes

Some of my favorite photos turned into pendants.  In hindsight, this is not my best work, bubble-wise.

Some cut-paper pieces embedded in resin:

Resin: Grim, Grinning Ghost Skulls

Using my new silicone ice cube tray in the shape of little skulls.

Some even glow in the dark!

And some become “sugar” skulls and other patterns.


Resin: Warcraft, Guitar Pics, and Squiggles

Resin: Family/Friends Portraits and Inclusions

Some fun with resin with photos of family, friends, and other odd inclusions.

Resin: Space Invaders

One of my favorite resin projects ever!  I made these little guys from a Space Invaders ice cube tray and they came out freakin’ cute as hell (in my opinion).

Also, have to quit being so lazy about breaking out the tripod.  It’s pretty essential when taking photos of glow in the dark stuff, but I always think (incorrectly) that I can hold the camera steady enough.

Resin: Green, Blue & Yellow Bracelet

Finished up the bracelet today.  Am really happy with it, although I think I do need a smaller size.  Oh well, they make smaller molds, I’ll just wear/play with this one until I can get around to ordering the right size.

Other ideas based upon this first success is a black & white striped bracelet (with thinner stripes, all opaque), a black & clear, and a black & transparent colors (like these, but perhaps a red-orange themed one instead).  Also, I’m getting ambitious, because I want to try an inclusion bracelet, putting things like coffee beans or Skittles into the resin.