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Sewing: Bibs and Baby Blocks

So, as the rush of new babies in my close circle starts to increase, I decided to try a new project: baby bibs.  I kind of squealed a bit over how cute this fabric was.  I also enjoyed making them so much I had to cut myself off at 4, but if any other friends want bibs for their young’uns, just give a shout.


I also made an adorable little alphabet block plushie to go with the bibs, but I was pretty down to the wire on finishing it, so the picture did not get taken.  However, I am working on a set of plushie D&D gaming dice for another friend’s baby, so once those are done, I will definitely post pictures of them.


More Mini-Quilts




Applique Mini-Quilts


An applique mini-quilt utilizing new techniques with applique, embroidery, and more detailed quilting.


My second applique quilt, made to look like a Japanese rock garden.

Rainbow Puff Quilt

So, I followed the instructions for Puff Quits from Honeybear Lane and I found the instructions very comprehensive.

I have completed my first (but likely not my last) Puff Quilt.  This quilt is very well padded and perfect as a baby play rug or a cat bed (which is what it’s currently being used as, without my consent).  This quilt embodies my love of rainbows and I’m happy just looking at it.  Plus, it was a great way to use up fat quarters of fabric I had lying around.

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Quilting Purses

So, I’m taking some interludes away from quilts to make some smaller projects, such as purses and pouches.

I got the fabric for this purse for $5 for 3 yards at the Scrap Exchange.  I completed it with two inside pockets and a magnetic clasp:

More purses and pouches below the cut:

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Left Over Scrap Mini-Quilt

After tackling the behemoth that was a queen sized quilt, I decided to pursue a smaller project for awhile.  So, using leftover fabric from Lee’s quilt, I made a mini-quilt, practicing on using triangles in my patchwork quilting, as this isn’t an area I have much experience.

Front, back, and binding:

The Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt

So, the final quilt of our little fabric shopping excursion was Lee Ann’s.  Lee wanted a quilt to cover her queen size bed.  I had never done a quilt quite so big, but I think it came out fantastic and Lee loves it!  The biggest challenge was just manipulating the quilt as it got bigger.

Front, back, and border

Father-in-Law Quilt

So, on the fabric hunting expedition with my girlfriends, I decided to make a quilt for my father-in-law as well.  My husband had also come along on this trip and was a huge help.  Even though we disagreed on the border for this quilt, I think we both agreed when it was done that it came out quite well.  My FIL lives in a historic home and a lot of his furniture are in earth tones.

Front, back, and border:

A Quilt for a Mommy-to-be

So, as a baby gift to one friend and a birthday gift to another, I volunteered to make quilts for them.  So, the three of us went out for lunch followed by an afternoon of fabric shopping.  We had the best time and I love the fabric we picked out.

For the Mom-to-be, she pretty quickly decided that she didn’t want a baby quilt, exactly.  She wasn’t interested in pastels or blue-greens for her little boy.  Instead, she wanted a quilt more for her to use while caring for the baby.  So, she instead picked out colors in rich, gorgeous earth tones.  I used the Quick Step quilt pattern like I used before on the orange quilt.  Here are the results.

Front and Back:

Forgive the grumpy-faced husband, it was cold and I wanted natural light.

A Return to Quilting

I’ve recently taken up quilting again.  About 8 years ago, I’d learned a Quick Step quilt technique that resulted in a quilt for my best friend’s wedding that I loved:

I loved it so much, I bought more fabric to make one for myself – a nice grey blue and off white flannel pallet.  However, in cutting out my strips, I screwed up and cut up one of the fabrics into the wrong sizes, making it useless for this quilt.  In frustration, I’d put the fabric in a drawer for “later.”  Later is now, 8 years later, when the prospect of a flannel quilt is too good to pass up.

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