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Fun with Polymer Clay and Paracord







Knitting: Projects from Winter ’09-’10

I’m a bit behind on this journal, so I thought I’d share my knitting projects from this past winter (almost in time to use them again):

I was attempting to use up the profound amount of yarn I’d acquired and horded, so I made up this simple rainbow blanket.  My cats love it.

And here are some other assorted projects I’ve been working on, such as scarves, hand warmers, and baby booties.

Other: Found Art

Below are a collection of jewelry that I have assembled, rather than created proper.

First up, some glass “leftovers” I found at a local store for $.79 apiece and made into pendants (ie, attached a bail on the back):

And here are some cameos and settings I found on Etsy that I really like:

I also found out that one of the leftover settings perfectly fit one of my resin molds:

Doodles: now with Protractor!

Doodles: Drawings with Compass and Ruler

My dad was recently disappointed to find a geometric coloring book image I sent him was not, in fact, drawn by me.  In the interest of proving I do, in fact, draw, here are some images I recently made up during my compass fascination.  Drawn using permanent markers and Crayola markers (my usual).

I have always loved drawing eyes, especially green ones.

Andrew gave me the task of drawing a symbol for Athena, but I got a bit carried away.  If I was being favorable, I’ll say I intended to draw her shield instead.

Many ringed doodles.

Andrew also tasked me with making a symbol for Hephaeustus (bottom left).  It could be a forge or fire, but it could also be a flaming piece of dog doo.  Not sure which . . . .

Doodles: Some Drawings from 1999

My freshman year of college my artist dabblings mostly took a break.  I was starting in a new school, in a new part of the country, and I was going to be an oboe major (yet another, more time-consuming, more expensive dabble of mine), so there wasn’t much time for drawing.

But then I took a trip with a friend to watch a kayaking competition.  While the competition was mostly fascinating, there was a lot of down time.  I had come prepared with those metallic gel markers, a packet of very basic colored pencils, and a sketch notebook.  This began a small series of drawings based on those items around me at the kayaking competition, namely kayakers and nature.  Also, a cross, because I used to be religious.  But, I have always liked the work I did on that weekend and though kayaking has passed me by as a hobby of interest, the pictures bring back really great memories.