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A rainbow bracelet.



An example of the colors available.


Chainmaille’s been taking up most of my crafting time recently. I’ll post some samples; check out my Etsy shop for more.

Through the holidays, the best way to get hold of me is through Etsy.

Sewing: Bibs and Baby Blocks

So, as the rush of new babies in my close circle starts to increase, I decided to try a new project: baby bibs.  I kind of squealed a bit over how cute this fabric was.  I also enjoyed making them so much I had to cut myself off at 4, but if any other friends want bibs for their young’uns, just give a shout.


I also made an adorable little alphabet block plushie to go with the bibs, but I was pretty down to the wire on finishing it, so the picture did not get taken.  However, I am working on a set of plushie D&D gaming dice for another friend’s baby, so once those are done, I will definitely post pictures of them.

More Mini-Quilts




Fun with Polymer Clay and Paracord







New Resin – Now with Screams and Punctuation!






Applique Mini-Quilts


An applique mini-quilt utilizing new techniques with applique, embroidery, and more detailed quilting.


My second applique quilt, made to look like a Japanese rock garden.