A Return to Quilting

I’ve recently taken up quilting again.  About 8 years ago, I’d learned a Quick Step quilt technique that resulted in a quilt for my best friend’s wedding that I loved:

I loved it so much, I bought more fabric to make one for myself – a nice grey blue and off white flannel pallet.  However, in cutting out my strips, I screwed up and cut up one of the fabrics into the wrong sizes, making it useless for this quilt.  In frustration, I’d put the fabric in a drawer for “later.”  Later is now, 8 years later, when the prospect of a flannel quilt is too good to pass up.

Now, after my cutting screw up, I couldn’t use the same pattern as above, so I just adapted, deciding that rather than making one quilt with an interesting quilted front and back, I’d just make two quilts and buy some cheap, plain flannel to back them both.

Quilt Number 1:

Quilt Number 2:

Both quilts are backed with the following, slightly-clashing fabric (that was only $2.00 a yard online):

So, not a perfect return to quilting, but it was good practice and refresher, my husband and I (as well as our cats) love them for snuggling, and they feel great.


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