Resin: 4th Batch

A glow in the dark name tag.  The glow in the dark powder settled a little funny, but I like the concept.  I just drew and cut out the name.

Tiles based upon Magic cards.  I love the last one, which is a zombie, and the card is entitled “Farewell to Arms”

More photo domes.  I stole the first two images (James Bond and the Day the Earth Stood Still *I think*) from a Movie Picture Encyclopedia.  I made the robot into a keychain for Andrew and am still debating what to do with the James Bond one.  The third image is a “portrait” that Andrew had commissioned for me by a pin-up artist.  It was one of the best gifts I ever received and I think it takes nicely to the resin medium.

Another glow in the dark piece, this one with an actually visible snowflake.

My geometric tiles, with patterns I drew while fidgeting with a compass and ruler.

I love the side view on these things, especially when the tiles are stacked!


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