Resin: 3rd Batch

The whole shebang from batch 3 (and a few from my first two batches)

One of Andrew’s old Magic cards.  The picture was great, but the description was even better, so I combined them into one piece, front and back.

A wearable piece of resin.

(From left to right):  1. Andrew, Larry, and I all dressed up for a gala.  This has been made into a key fob for Larrby.  2.  One of my favorite flower pictures I’ve ever taken (however, it’s a bit messed up with black resin at the top – so far, I’ve tried two of these and neither has worked out as well as I wanted).  3. Picture of Andrew and I at Oak Island in the first year of our relationship (just us, a tripod, and a beautiful sunset).  4.  My maternal grandfather, Ivan Ireland, in his military uniform (I’ve always loved this picture and it works out very well as a pendant).  5. Glow in the dark pendant, containing a snowflake.  6.  Same pendant in the dark and glowing.

A glow in the dark coaster (I had resin left over).  I put some of those flat aquarium marbles inside.  However, the GitD stuff doesn’t mix too well, so it comes out much grainier than the non GitD pieces.

1.  A well done jump ring, turning a resin piece into a necklace.  2.  A side view showing the dome effect.  3.  A close up of my mistake (yes, I must learn patience when adding the black resin – if the previous layer isn’t quite cured, it will bleed).


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