Resin: 1st & 2nd batches

So, I recently started messing with resin, mostly making small tiles, pendants and keychains.  This was my first foray into the craft, about three weeks ago at the end of June 2009.  I started with just one mold, which wasn’t actually a mold, but rather a flexible individual brownie pan.  The tiles tend to come out a bit frosted with this mold, but it’s so much easier to get the pieces out, although I imagine for larger pieces or just through general use, the mold wouldn’t be stiff enough to hold its shape, but it’s great for these little pieces.

I used Castin’ Craft resin, a mold release spray, and a glass measuring shot glass that is now unusable, due to it being encrusted in resin.  It was very sticky work, the first time, as I was too excited to wait on gloves.

First batch samples. A human skull, although I failed to realize you should only outline the image in black IF you intend to put a back layer of black resin.  Also, I have since learned that on glossy images, permanent marker will bleed off into the resin, making a less than clear border.  Best bet, in my opinion, is to put a black edge AROUND the picture (on the cut edges) and leave it at that.  Get a paper cutter and a circle stencil and you’ll have a more or less even image.   The penny helped introduce me to the bubble factor that comes into play whenever you add inclusions to a piece.

2nd batch samples. I was trying for some leveling effects with the wolf and cow pendants, trying to give them some depth.  I don’t think I put enough resin between the images to make that depth really pop.  The flower and the squares were some more experiments.  With the flower, I was experimenting with a very dense layer of silver glitter, which I think turned out well.  For the squares,  I was trying a very thick pendant, with four layers, but it came out much cloudier than I would have preferred.

All in all, these early experiments were a lot of fun, but didn’t yield me anything I would consider frame worthy (or wearable).  However, they have great potential for game playing tiles.


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